Name: Karen

Nickname: KK


D.O.B: 7-10-80

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Whatever I decide. Right now as natural as it can be ( I think)

Height: 5ft

Weight: 112Ibs

Tattoos: 4

The place I go when upset: The beach, the water relaxes me, or a hill top where the wind lifts the spirits.

Overused phrase: Fuck, Fucker, Fuck sake. (not around children if I can help it)

T.V Show: Sons of Anarchy, Stranger Things,  Lucifer, Outlander, The Handmaids Tale.

Actor: Al Pacino,Mel Gibson,Denzel Washington, Liam Neelson, Anthony Hopkins.

Kiss or Hug: Both I'm greedy.

Dog or cat: Dog.

Love or Money: Love.

Children: Yes, 1 Bonus-son.

Most missed memory: The ones I don't remember.

First thought when I wake: I'm hungry.

Ambition: Live life to the max, visit as many places as humanly possible, write as many books as I can, see my plays on stage and make people laugh.

Best Friends: Michelle, Gillie, Keeley, Sarah, Jessica, Bre.

Weakness: Temper, trusting to easily.

Fears:Dying while thinking I haven't succeeded. Being buried - A big no no!

Ever skinny dipped?: No, but I'd give anything a try once.

Kissed a girl: Yes (Not by choice lol, but I was flattered) 

Ideal man - Height: taller than me.

Looks or Personality: Both.

Muscular/Skinny: Muscular (well shaped, bit of meat on his bones - mmm yummy) Weird to be with anyone that's skinnier than me.

Romantic: Sometimes.

Healthy: Eh...

Drink: Yes, of course what kind of question is that? Oh wait I'm the one asking duh..

Shower Daily: Yes, off course.

Been in Love: Yes.

Virginity: Whoops that's well gone. 17 and first serious boyfriend but my first love was a Vancouver boy.

Favourite Movie: The Quiet Man.

Recent Film Watched:Thor and I have just one thing to say WOW!!! The man stripped for me, I just know it lol..

Recently read book: Kelley Armstrong Waking the Witch.

Favorite Mythical Creature: Werewolf - There is something about wolves I love. They are mysterious and beautiful.

Favourite Author: Diana Gobaldon,Kelley Armstrong, Paula Quinn.

Favourite Poet; Gaius Valerius Catullus